An. Real. Acad. Farm. vol 80 nº 2 2014 - page 25

Development of anti-­‐Leishmaniavaccines…
protective immunity against visceral leishmaniasis in mice. Vaccine
, 2168-­‐2172
86 Dondji, B.; Perez-­‐Jimenez, E.; Goldsmith-­‐Pestana, K.; Esteban, M.; McMahon-­‐Pratt, D.
Heterologous prime-­‐boost vaccination with the LACK antigen protects against murine
visceral leishmaniasis. Infectionand Immunity
, 5286-­‐5289(2005).
87 Gonzalo, R. M.; Rodriguez, J. R.; Rodriguez, D.; Gonzalez-­‐Aseguinolaza, G.; Larraga, V.;
Esteban, M. Protective immune response against cutaneous leishmaniasis by
prime/booster immunization regimens with vaccinia virus recombinants expressing
Leishmania infantum
p36/LACKand IL-­‐12 incombinationwithpurifiedp36.Microbes and
, 701-­‐711(2001).
88 Gonzalo, R. M.; del Real, G.; Rodriguez, J. R.; Rodriguez, D.; Heljasvaara, R.; Lucas, P.;
Larraga, V.; Esteban, M. A heterologous prime-­‐boost regime using DNA and recombinant
vaccinia virus expressing the
Leishmania infantum
P36/LACK antigen protects BALB/c
mice fromcutaneous leishmaniasis. Vaccine
, 1226-­‐1231(2002).
89 Ramos, I.; Alonso, A.; Marcen, J. M.; Peris, A.; Castillo, J. A.; Colmenares, M.; Larraga, V.
Heterologous prime-­‐boost vaccinationwith a non-­‐replicative vaccinia recombinant vector
expressing LACK confers protection against canine visceral leishmaniasis with a
predominantTh1-­‐specific immune response. Vaccine
, 333-­‐344(2008).
90 Dondji, B.; Deak, E.; Goldsmith-­‐Pestana, K.; Perez-­‐Jimenez, E.; Esteban, M.; Miyake, S.;
Yamamura, T.; McMahon-­‐Pratt, D. Intradermal NKT cell activation during DNApriming in
heterologous prime-­‐boost vaccination enhances T cell responses and protection against
. European Journal of Immunology
, 706-­‐719(2008).
91 Ramos, I.; Alonso, A.; Peris, A.; Marcen, J. M.; Abengozar, M. A.; Alcolea, P. J.; Castillo, J. A.;
Larraga, V. Antibiotic resistance free plasmidDNAexpressing LACKprotein leads towards
a protective Th1 response against
Leishmania infantum
infection. Vaccine
, 6695-­‐6703
92 Sanchez-­‐Sampedro, L.; Gomez, C. E., Mejias-­‐Perez, E.; Sorzano, C. O.; Esteban, M. High
quality long-­‐term CD4+ and CD8+ effector memory populations stimulated by DNA-­‐
LACK/MVA-­‐LACK regimen in
Leishmania major
BALB/c model of infection. PLoS One.
93 Perez-­‐Jimenez, E.; Kochan, G.; Gherardi, M. M.; Esteban, M. MVA-­‐LACK as a safe and
efficient vector for vaccination against leishmaniasis. Microbes and Infection
, 810-­‐822
94 Tapia, E.; Perez-­‐Jimenez, E.; Lopez-­‐Fuertes, L.; Gonzalo, R.; Gherardi,M.M.; Esteban,M. The
combination of DNA vectors expressing IL-­‐12 + IL-­‐18 elicits high protective immune
response against cutaneous leishmaniasis after priming with DNA-­‐p36/LACK and the
cytokines, followed by a boosterwith a vaccinia virus recombinant expressing p36/LACK.
Microbes and Infection
, 73-­‐84(2003).
95 Ramiro, M. J.; Zarate, J. J.; Hanke, T.; Rodriguez, D.; Rodriguez, J. R.; Esteban, M.; Lucientes,
J.; Castillo, J. A.; Larraga, V. Protection in dogs against visceral leishmaniasis caused by
Leishmania infantum
is achieved by immunization with a heterologous prime-­‐boost
regime using DNA and vaccinia recombinant vectors expressing LACK. Vaccine
, 2474-­‐
96 Dominguez-­‐Bernal, G.; Horcajo, P.; Orden, J. A.; De La Fuente, R.; Herrero-­‐Gil, A.; Ordonez-­‐
Gutierrez, L.; Carrion, J. Mitigating an undesirable immune response of inherent
susceptibility to cutaneous leishmaniosis in amousemodel: the role of the pathoantigenic
HISA70DNAvaccine. VeterinaryResearch
, 59(2012).
97 Parody, N.; Soto,M.; Requena, J.M.; Alonso, C. Adjuvant guidedpolarizationof the immune
humoral response against a protective multicomponent antigenic protein (Q) from
Leishmania infantum
. A CpG + Q mix protects Balb/c mice from infection. Parasite
, 283-­‐293(2004).
98 Molano, I.; Alonso, M. G.; Miron, C.; Redondo, E.; Requena, J. M.; Soto, M.; Nieto, C. G.;
Alonso, C. A
Leishmania infantum
multi-­‐component antigenic proteinmixedwith live BCG
confers protection to dogs experimentally infected with
L. infantum
. Veterinary
Immunology Immunopathology
, 1-­‐13(2003).
99 Carcelen, J.; Iniesta, V.; Fernandez-­‐Cotrina, J.; Serrano, F.; Parejo, J. C.; Corraliza, I.;
Gallardo-­‐Soler, A.; Marañon, F.; Soto, M.; Alonso, C.; Gomez-­‐Nieto, C. The chimerical multi-­‐
component Qprotein from
in the absenceof adjuvant protects dogs against an
Leishm nia i fantum
infection. Vaccine.
, 5964-­‐5973(2009).
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