An. Real. Acad. Farm. vol 80 nº 2 2014 - page 24

CarlosAlonso,Manuel Soto
70 Soto, M.; Requena, J. M.; Quijada, L.; Guzman, F.; Patarroyo, M. E.; Alonso, C. Identification
of the
Leishmania infantum
P0 ribosomal protein epitope in canine visceral leishmaniasis.
, 23-­‐28(1995).
71 Soto, M.; Requena, J. M.; Quijada, L.; Alonso, C. Specific serodiagnosis of human
leishmaniasis with recombinant
P2 acidic ribosomal proteins. Clinical and
DiagnosticLaboratory Immunology
, 387-­‐391(1996).
72 Elkon, K.; Skelly, S.; Parnassa, A.; Moller, W.; Danho, W.; Weissbach, H.; Brot, N.
Identification and chemical synthesis of a ribosomal protein antigenic determinant in
systemic lupus erythematosus. Proccedings of the National Academy Sciences U.S.A
73 Iborra, S.; Soto, M.; Carrion, J.; Nieto, A.; Fernandez, E.; Alonso, C.; Requena, J. M. The
Leishmania infantum
acidic ribosomal protein P0 administered as a DNA vaccine confers
protective immunity to
Leishmania major
infection in BALB/c mice. Infection and
Immunity. 71, 6562-­‐6572(2003).
74 Iborra, S.; Carrion, J.; Anderson, C.; Alonso, C.; Sacks, D; Soto, M. Vaccination with the
Leishmania infantum
acidic ribosomal P0 protein plus CpGoligodeoxynucleotides induces
protection against cutaneous leishmaniasis in C57BL/6 mice but does not prevent
progressivedisease inBALB/cmice. Infectionand Immunity
, 5842-­‐5852(2005).
75 Melby, P. C.; Ogden, G. B.; Flores, H. A.; Zhao, W.; Geldmacher, C.; Biediger, N. M.; Ahuja, S.
K.; Uranga, J.; Melendez, M. Identification of vaccine candidates for experimental visceral
leishmaniasis by immunization with sequential fractions of a cDNA expression library.
Infectionand Immunity
, 5595-­‐5602(2000).
76 Stober, C. B.; Lange, U. G.; Roberts, M. T.; Gilmartin, B.; Francis, R.; Almeida, R.; Peacock, C.
S.; McCann, S.; Blackwell, J. M. Fromgenome to vaccines for leishmaniasis: screening 100
novel vaccine candidates against murine
Leishmania major
infection. Vaccine.
, 2602-­‐
77 Iborra, S.; Parody, N.; Abanades, D. R.; Bonay, P.; Prates, D.; Novais, F. O.; Barral-­‐Netto, M.;
Alonso, C.; Soto, M. Vaccination with the
Leishmania major
ribosomal proteins plus CpG
oligodeoxynucleotides induces protection against experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis
inmice.Microbes Infection
, 1133-­‐1141(2008).
78 Chavez-­‐Fumagalli, M. A.; Costa, M. A.; Oliveira, D. M.; Ramirez, L.; Costa, L. E.; Duarte, M. C.;
Martins, V. T.; Oliveira, J. S.; Olortegi, C. C.; Bonay, P.; Alonso, C.; Tavares, C. A.; Soto, M.;
Coelho, E. A. Vaccination with the
Leishmania infantum
ribosomal proteins induces
protection in BALB/c mice against Leishmania chagasi and
Leishmania amazonensis
challenge.Microbes and Infection
, 967-­‐977(2010).
79 Ramirez, L.; Iborra, S.; Cortes, J.; Bonay, P.; Alonso, C.; Barral-­‐Netto, M.; Soto, M. BALB/c
mice vaccinated with Leishmania major ribosomal proteins extracts combined with CpG
oligodeoxynucleotides become resistant to disease caused by a secondary parasite
challenge. Journal of Biomedicine&Biotechnology
, 181690(2010).
80 Launois, P.; Maillard, I.; Pingel, S.; Swihart, K. G.; Xenarios, I.; Acha-­‐Orbea, H.; Diggelmann,
H.; Locksley, R. M.;MacDonald, H. R.; Louis, J. A. IL-­‐4 rapidly producedbyVbeta 4Valpha
8 CD4+ T cells instructs Th2 development and susceptibility to
Leishmania major
BALB/cmice. Immunity
, 541-­‐549(1997).
81 Julia, V.; Rassoulzadegan, M.; Glaichenhaus, N. Resistance to
induced by
tolerance toa singleantigen. Science
, 421-­‐423(1996)
82 Gonzalez-­‐Aseguinolaza, G.; Taladriz, S.; Marquet, A.; Larraga, V. Molecular cloning, cell
localization and binding affinity to DNA replication proteins of the p36/LACK protective
antigen from
Leishmania infantum
. European Journal of Biochemistry
, 909-­‐916
83 Lopez-­‐Fuertes, L.; Perez-­‐Jimenez, E.; Vila-­‐Coro, A. J.; Sack, F.; Moreno, S.; Konig, S. A.;
Junghans, C.; Wittig, B.; Timon, M.; Esteban, M. DNA vaccination with linear minimalistic
(MIDGE) vectors confers protection against
Leishmania major
infection in mice. Vaccine
, 247-­‐257(2002).
84 Pinto, E. F.; Pinheiro, R. O.; Rayol, A.; Larraga, V.; Rossi-­‐Bergmann, B. Intranasal vaccination
against cutaneous leishmaniasiswith a particulated leishmanial antigen or DNA encoding
LACK. Infectionand Immunity
85 Gomes, D. C.; Pinto, E. F.; de Melo, L. D.; Lima, W. P.; Larraga, V.; Lopes, U. G.; Rossi-­‐
Bergmann, B. Intranasal delivery of naked DNA encoding the LACK antigen leads to
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